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PC Consultants = IT Support for Atlanta Small & Medium Businesses

We help you reduce risk and enhance your operational efficiency through strategies, standards, best practices and workflow management & much more!

You’re a small to medium business that doesn’t wish to specialize in Information Technology (IT). We get IT! PC Consultants will remove the IT support headaches so that you can focus on your specialties. Almost nothing is more expensive than when you have Information Technology problems. Your staff can’t function as efficiently.  Your customers aren’t getting their services and/or products.   

Preventing IT problems is our first goal. When problems do occur, getting them fixed quickly and completely is our second goal. While every business is different, most plans involve IT maintenance to prevent problems then remote and if needed quick on-site support. 

Every business operates differently which helps determine the winners and losers. Except for the people, for most businesses, nothing is more differentiating than the IT situation for a company.  Some companies use nothing but Windows and Android devices some use nothing but Apple and others use both.  And those are just platforms. The software run on each of those devices complicates the situation even more. Then it comes to the integration of software and devices. Of course, we need to talk about the customization of the software on the devices. You get the idea! IT support isn’t for “newbies”.   PC Consultants have over 25 years of serving the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area. You want a firm that isn’t just “book smart” but has the experience of thinking creatively to figure out the problem and solve it. Welcome to PC consultants!  Every day we run into problems where the answer isn’t in the manual.  Call us at (770) 423-0001 for a free on-site consultation and review.

PC Consultants is a family owned & serving North Georgia over 25 Years.

We serve the greater Atlanta metropolitan area including Atlanta, Marietta, Kennesaw, Smyrna, Acworth, Powder Springs, Cobb County, Vinings.