Data Recovery

The real cost in Data Recovery isn’t the cost to recover it but the “work time” lost until you can be back at work again.

Data Recovery isn’t a question of “if” but “when”. Every business deals with it. Data Recovery is one of the areas we deal in regularly and can quickly have you back up and prepared for the next time you may lose that data. However, the need for data recovery is the symptom of a larger problem. Since 1972, we have been serving all the computer needs for small to medium businesses in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Some of our competitors are exclusive to data recovery and yes they are usually good at that. We know which ones are truly prepared to do the exceptional work that may be above our ability. But the question needs to ask why it has become so critical and what will happen next time. Yes – we will have you back up but we will guide you to make sure you’re prepared for the next time. We will work with you to ensure you’re prepared next time to recover with almost to recovery time. Part of that means making sure it is backed up in the cloud “SECURELY” both where it is stored and transmitting it there and back.

Free Data Recovery & System Evaluation

We are willing to evaluate your entire computer system with a special “eye” to data recovery free of charge to introduce ourselves. Questions need to be reviewed such as: “Are documents being saved as they are being created?”, “Is data being backed-up regularly?”, “Is data being backed up both onsite and off-site?”, “What is the security for the data both in storage and transmission?”. Then when it comes time making sure it is “truly gone”! Do you shred your hard drives etc?
Other areas of your computer system need a similar examination to ensure the processes are set up to optimize the efficiency of your computer system and ultimately your business. This is just one of the reasons you need to take a further look at us and having us as your IT Support Specialists in the greater Atlanta area.