Computer Sales

Computer sales from people that actually build and install them to meet you needs.  Imagine a company that will set down with you to truly learn your needs and work with you to design a system to meet it!  When your computers need to meet higher standards than the “big box stores”  see us.  We can help you design a system build and install it and then provide the regular maintenance it needs to keep it working as hard as you do.  Often computer can be upgraded to meet the demands that it will be meeting in the future. Got it! Computers built well rarely need parts but when they do they need to be “on the truck” not in a warehouse.  We’ve got your back there also!

Computer Sales Leads to Networking.

When that’s done you need the software and network set-up to make a symphony out of the many different interments.  Again, we’ve been doing that for years!  Do you need to expand your system but wonder how much of your current system will fit in?  We can help.  Do you need to integrate Apples and Oranges along with you tablets and cell phones?  We’ve done it – probably today!

Computer Sales from a Registered Microsoft Partner

Registered Microsoft Partner

As a Registered Microsoft Partner we make sure the: hardware, software and network are aligned to meet your needs.