Phone Systems

Phone Systems &  Services in the 21st Century

Phone systems and phone service have changed dramatically over the last 10 years!  Options are available that most people never knew about just a few years ago.  Not only can you have regular old “PSTN” phone service but you most likely know phone service can be delivered over the internet “VoiP”.  But that’s just the beginning!  Now all calls can whisper a message when the call starts and be recorded and computers can tell you what page of the website the customer was on when they called.  And then when they left – where they went.  Computers can actually score phone calls to let you know if the prospects were “real” or “just tire kickers”!   Those same computers can “score the call to let you know if your staff handled the call properly!  No more expensive staff listening to occasional individual calls.  Every call with no subjectivity!  Getting phones or service from the phone company just won’t do it any more.  As much or as little as you need.  Call us and let one of our specialists put your business — back in the future.