Websites aren't for Wimps!

Websites aren’t for Wimps!

Building websites aren’t for wimps!

Do you even know if your website’s working for you?  Having a website that makes you money requires warriors that attack and defend.  And like mercenaries they aren’t cheap either.  Our warriors have the experience to ensure your website is making you money you never thought possible.  We put special phone numbers on the website and record the calls and much more.  Let us show you what we are doing for our customers.

Is your Website working for you?

Go to SEMursh and enter your domain name in the box.

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If your results aren’t what you expect – call us!

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The best place to hide a body is on page 2 of Google.  No one goes there!

Building a website that legitimately keeps you on page 1 for the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) of the keywords that are important for your business takes time and money.  Most businesses shouldn’t expect immediate results.  I tell prospective customers that want a new website to plan on two years.  If you have an older website it may be faster.  In the mean time making your “cash register ring” is possible in some situations.  In any case websites aren’t for wimps – either owners or builders.  If you’re willing to take a reasonable look at the possibilities for your website – call us.